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Also known as “Zen Gardens” – this is a timeless garden style that can provide peace and tranquillity from a busy, modern lifestyle and help to connect you with nature.

Whatever size or shape your garden is, you can introduce elements of this style and create somewhere to escape to by following this guide.

A Japanese style garden is perfect for a small space. The three essential elements of this type of garden are stone, water and plants.

Prunus serrulata ‘Pink Perfection’. Cherry blossoms are queen in any Japanese garden

Design and Landscape

Use basic elements; stone, plants and water.

  • Hard landscaping should include gravel, rocks and stepping stones
  • Symmetrical design
  • Ponds & water features
  • Natural timbers such as bamboo for screening
  • Detailed, thought out spaces
  • Features and ornaments such as sculpture, bird baths, toro (stone lanterns), deer scarer (Shishi-odoshi) and if you are feeling ambitions, a painted bridge!
  • Keep planting sparse and low maintenance
A Japanese style garden

Which plants to use?

Use different shades of lush green planting with the emphasis on foliage rather than flowers.

Things to avoid:

  • Painting wood features, leave wood bare (with the exception of any bridges)
  • Don’t use too many colours – think foliage rather than flowers (unless of course its Cherry blossom)
  • Less is more – use sculpture sparingly
  • Don’t over prune pines – Japanese landscaping prefers irregular forms

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