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28th September 2021

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Large plants provide instant solutions. Whether you want to create more privacy or a specific theme; big plants make a big impact…and they aren’t just for big gardens. Small gardens really benefit from the height and drama of big plants. Committing to one or two larger specimens will really transform the space. If you only stick to small plants in a small garden, the result will have a bitty, disjointed feel with no impact. Big plants will break up the area and create drama rather than having lines of narrow bedding.

If you have an unwanted view or just want to feel more seculded in your garden then big plants provide instant screening.

The best big plants for screening:

  • Pleached Trees, such as Photinia
  • Living Screens
  • Evergreen Shrubs and Trees
  • Evergreen Hedging
  • Deciduous Hedging
  • Instant Clipped Hedging
  • Bamboo
  • Semi-Mature Climbing Plants
  • Grasses, such as Miscanthus sinensis and Stipa gigantea
  • Box and Yew balls

Let’s Focus

Japanese Maples make wonderful focal points. Their firey autumnal colours are breathtaking, a talking point in any garden. If you want to go for something a little more unusual then giant succulents might be more your thing. This incredible Agave takes centre stage in our Cacti display. Here are some great plant choices if you want to add a focal point:

  • Palms such as Multistem cordylines or Tracycarpus fortunei
  • Japanese Maples
  • Agave
  • Olea europaea (Olive tree)
  • Catalpa bigonioides (Indian bean tree)
  • Cornus kousa (Dogwood)
  • Tetrapanax papyrifer ‘Rex’ (great if you want big, tropical looking foliage).

What’s your dream theme?

Large plants will instantly draw together a particular look or feel. For example, if you want to create an exotic, jungle inspired garden then a Musa Basjoo (hardy banana plant), Dicksonia Antarctica (soft tree fern), or Trachycarpus fortunei (Chusan Palm) will leave no doubt as to what you are trying to achieve.

A wise old Olive tree shouts Mediterranean paradise whilst nothing says traditional cottage garden like burgeoning fruit trees.


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