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23rd July 2021

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Let’s celebrate plants. Some people are under the misconception that gardening per se is for the older generation, the baby boomers, with retirement creating space for hobbies. That’s certainly not our experience.

We have researched our customer. Who is looking at and interacting with our digital platforms (our website, Facebook, Instagram). The results show that the majority of our customer base is between the ages of 35 – 45 years old. Over the past year there has also been an increase in people aged 25 – 35 engaging with us via social media and visiting the nursery.

It’s fair to say that since COVID-19 changed our way of life, plants and gardening have had somewhat of a renaissance that we sincerely believe is here to stay.

We don’t sell gardening equipment, you won’t find any pet supplies or BBQs. Just plants.

People visit us for three reasons: our plants, inspiration and our plant experts.

Here is our guide on the power of plants <CLICK HERE>

We don’t sell gardening equipment, you won’t find any pet supplies or BBQs but we are proud of that. We don’t need to dilute our offering or lure you in with generic scented candles. We want you to focus on one thing; the plants. We’d rather let them do the talking. Our nursery is a celebration of plants.

The millennial love of houseplants also has a lot to do with the self-care and wellness movements. Many young people lack access to an outdoor space (due to living in urban spaces, such as flats), so bringing plants inside make those benefits much more accessible. This wave of new gardener has also inspired those of us lucky enough to have a garden to call our own, whatever the size.

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