Plants for Late Summer Colour

Here we recommend a selection of our favourite plants for extending colour in your garden well into autumn. It’s never too late to plant so visit us for inspiration and solutions for instant colour.

All our Hydrangeas are perfect for filling gaps and providing bold splashes of colour from now until Autumn. The  Hydrangea ‘Zorro’ is stunning grown in groups in a mixed border or as an informal hedge. Or choose one of the more unusual Hydrangeas with lacecap or conical flowers. Hydrangea paniculata 'Magical Starlight' and Hydrangea paniculata Limelight are two favourites. Quercifolia type hydrangeas also offer attractive autumn colour and for somethiing very different try our Hydrangea aspera 'Hot Chocolate' before they all go!

Roses are perfect planting partners for Hydrangeas and not all are high maintenance. With regular deadheading many modern shrub roses offer beautiful scented blooms all summer and autumn. The key is to choose a variety known for its repeat flowering and disease resistant qualities and we have several specimen roses here to choose from. 

Deciduous shrubs and small trees make great feature plants in a mixed border where their foliage often changes colour in autumn. By including some low maintenance evergreen shrubs you’ll add structure and year round interest.

Ornamental grasses and flowering perennials

Ornamental grasses such as Miscanthus add height, movement and atmosphere providing the perfect backdrop to flowering perennials for a stunning finale to the late Summer border. Effective planting partners include long flowering perennials Achillea, Penstemon, Echinacea and Verbena bonariensis.

Evergreen grasses tend to be lower plants but still add a unique atmosphere to the garden and provide interest all year. Try Anemanthele lessoniana or Carex testacea and Achillea Terracotta with box balls for a hot combination or the neat silver grass Festuca glauca with blue Agapanthus for a cooler look. Then simply sit back and enjoy!

For ideas and advice contact or visit us at The Big Plant Nursery and ask about our popular  ‘At Home’ Consultancy Service if you are not sure where to start.