Gardening tips for May

Gardening tips for May

May is the month when the garden starts to get going, and there’s plenty to do

Mow your lawn regularly and trim border edges with edging shears. In milder parts of the country, it’s time to start planting out summer bedding in borders, pots and hanging baskets. In colder areas, wait until June. Make sure to stay on top of weeding as they will really take hold this month.

Be water-wise. In hot, dry weather, water the garden early in the morning or late in the afternoon, always watering the soil and not the foliage. If you can, install a rainwater butt.

A hedge is often the backbone and structure of the garden but have some consideration for nesting birds; seasonal trimming should be fine. Hedges can be tidied and stay looking good to buy you a few weeks / months depending on species and age.

That’s where the detail comes in. Remember those weeds and if you don’t they’ll certainly show you who’s boss and quick so hoe and pull them out.

Every plant is growing in May so there will be individual seasonal demands for different plants, some to leave and some to prune and some to dig up and divide.

Now we’ve dealt with what’s growing there’s plenty else to do for what will be many people’s first consistent time spent outside. Dust off the jet wash, oil up the deck, paint the fences, plant up the bedding plants, start watering and find time to enjoy the outside space.

Don’t forget any hard standing, driveways etc, keep a good first impression if only for the postman.

Keep an eye out for pesky bugs making your garden life even harder. Watch out for pests like Viburnum beetle larvae, lily beetles and aphids. Tackle pests and diseases promptly.

There’s no "may" be about it, put the hard work in this month and you can sit back and enjoy your summer.

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