Wish your shed looked like this?

Wish your shed looked like this?

Now that the clocks have changed and the days are getting warmer you’ve probably started to sit outside and enjoy your garden again; so why not do it from the comfort of your shed? Yes…your shed!

I'm enchanted by this Hideaway Pod from the Burford Garden Company but at £2,999 it might be one for the Wishlist. However, you could take inspiration from this and modify your existing shed or summer house. With some wood panelling, built in seating to save space, quirky furnishings and of course, fairy lights galore you can create your own Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired hideaway.

Don’t forget to make sure your shed it water tight by: 

  • Raising it off the ground
  • Adding a felt or corrugated iron roof
  • Ensuring your timber is treated

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By Jemma, Marketing Manager for the Big Plant Nursery and Creative Landscape