Planting: What, why and where?

Planting: What, why and where?

Late autumn/early winter is the perfect time to be planting, allowing the plants to start establishing long before the hot and dry days of summer. Plants planted now require less watering in the summer compared to if they were planted in three or four months time, allowing you more time to enjoy your outdoor space.

When making new planting decisions, it is important to choose a plant suitable for the area. Ask yourself, is it:

  • Sunny or shady?
  • Wet or dry?
  • Sheltered or exposed?

Generally, plants are quite resilient things and want to survive wherever you put them, but considering these things first, will make the difference between just clinging on to life, and thriving.

The other benefit of planting now, before spring hits, is that you will get to enjoy the full display of spring blossom at home. Planting spring flowering shrubs and trees now will fill your garden with flower in the coming spring months. If you have space for a tree, flowering cherries and crab apples and the very heralds of spring, thriving in well drained conditions in a nice open, sunny spot.

Magnolias are another classic of the spring garden, ranging from mid-sized shrubs at only a couple of metres tall, to grand trees ready to rival some of our native forest trees in stature <find out more>

Tree Planting

Planting a tree in your garden has so many benefits that go beyond simply looking pretty. Trees reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and offer food and protection for wildlife. Why do we need trees?

For a smaller space, dwarf Cherries like Prunus ‘Kojo-no-mai’ and Camellias are will worth considering. Camellias are happy in full sun or partial shade, in a neutral to acidic soil. Insider tip here – don’t plant Camellias where they will receive early morning sunshine, it can cause the flowers to go brown!

Whatever size your garden, don’t miss this opportunity to plant, especially spring flowering shrubs. You won’t have to wait too long until you are really appreciating them.