Can you garden at any age?

Can you garden at any age?

I read an interesting article recently about a 35yr old who had come across ridicule when telling people that he was a keen gardener in his spare time <discover more>. This got me thinking about possible stigmas attached to gardening; it is just for retired people? Do you need to have a sizeable garden to have any credibility?

According to a survey by garden tool supplier Fiskars, the age people start getting into gardening is 41yrs old. Based on our own website readership we know this to be somewhat true with 43% of our website visitors being between the ages of 35 – 44yrs.

However, we thought we would put this to the test and ask our clients how old they are and what age they were when they got into gardening.


"I have loved gardening since my late 20s. I'm 60 now."

Sue, aged 60

“Having a garden that is my own made me a little more inclined to look after it, make it look nice with furniture and nice plants, whereas when I was younger, and my parents would drag me out to water and weed and prune it wasn't as fun. I enjoy growing my own veg and am currently growing a large variety of rare and super-hot chilli pepper strains.

I think you can enjoy your garden at any age but when retired you have more time to put into it looking good and growing veg etc. I have a few hours in the evening and maybe at the weekend to cram in all the work, whereas my parents can take their time over a week. Knowledge and equipment is a factor. Better resources would make it easier which leads to more fun. My parents brought me a propagator last year which helped as I never would have thought of having one. Kits are always good for first time growers, be it veg or plants."

Neil, aged 34

“I’m in my 30’s and I love it!”

Gardening with Ingrid, blogger and grow your own advocate

"I’m 68 now but have always gardened."

Barbara, aged 68

"My children aged 4yrs and 2yrs always want to get involved at my Nan’s house with the gardening."

Amy, aged 30






It's safe to say that people of all ages can and do enjoy gardening. It doesn't matter what size garden you have but you do need to consider how much time you will be able to dedicate to the upkeep of it when designing your outside space. Plant selection is important if you have limited time but still enjoy maintaining your garden once in a while. Come down to the nursery for a wander round and a chat - we are more than happy to offer advice on how to get started if you are a novice gardener <find out more about plants>

Perhaps statistics that reflect people aged 40yrs plus are more likely to garden aren't taking on board the fact that people are owning their own homes later in life and therefore might not have access to a garden. However, that doesn't mean the passion for gardening isn't out there amongst the younger generations. Worried what people might think if you are a "young gardener"? Point them in the direction of this blog Why is gardening good for you?