We stock a number of clump forming bamboo and always have plenty of fresh stock to choose from.

Our most popular Bamboo plants available in various sizes are:

•Phyllostachys aurea (yellow stemmed)
•Phyllostachys nigra (black stemmed)
•Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis (yellow groove - great stem colour)
•Phyllostachys Bissettii (fresh green, winters well)
•Fargesia (a smaller bamboo, good in shade) 

Bamboo is a cost-effective screening plant.  Key features are that it is fast growing, narrow, evergreen and tall!  With the correct planting and maintenance, it's a great plant to create a lighter toned evergreen screen. We recommend planting with bamboo root barrier in certain situations and stock that too.  

For ideas and advice contact or visit us at The Big Plant Nursery and ask about our popular ‘At Home’ Consultancy Service if you are not sure where to start.