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Quercus robur

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A national treasure in the tree community, also known as the English or Common oak, possibly one of the most famous is the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest which is estimated to be over 1000 years old. The lobed leaves are fresh green in summer, turning yellow and brown in autumn before falling. In spring, yellow catkins are produced and in autumn, acorns fall to the ground.

A large majestic broad oval tree with strong limbs and long-life span, needs deep heavy soils as its root system is expansive. Make sure to add plenty of organic matter to the planting hole, such as well rotted manure or garden compost.

Great choice for stately gardens, a wonderful host for wildlife producing an important food source for birds, and smaller mammals. Given the best conditions will flush in growth three to four times over summer.

Mature Height: 17-22m