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Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’

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Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’ is a spectacular Japanese Maple cultivar that deserves every accolade it receives. This deciduous beauty is a showstopper in any garden, offering an exquisite blend of form, color, and seasonal interest. With a mature height of around 5 to 7 metres, ‘Osakazuki’ forms a rounded canopy that provides elegant shade.

What truly sets ‘Osakazuki’ apart is its mesmerizing foliage. In spring, the leaves emerge with a vibrant green hue, transforming into a lush and captivating deep green for the summer. However, it is in autumn that ‘Osakazuki’ truly steals the show. The foliage explodes into a breathtaking display of fiery red, creating a visual masterpiece in the garden.

This cultivar thrives in well-drained soil and prefers a partially shaded to dappled sunlight location. ‘Osakazuki’ is a testament to the artistry of nature, offering a symphony of colors that make it a must-have for anyone who loves autumn colour. Its bold and brilliant display in the autumn ensures that ‘Osakazuki’ remains a perennial favorite among Japanese Maple enthusiasts.