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Skimmia japonica ‘Perosa’

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Skimmia japonica ‘Perosa’ is distinguished not only by its evergreen allure but also by its captivating winter interest. In addition to its glossy dark green foliage and fragrant spring blooms, this cultivar showcases striking winter flower buds that add a splash of color to the colder months. The flower buds, often a contrasting red or burgundy hue, emerge in late fall and persist throughout winter, creating a visually arresting display against the backdrop of the evergreen leaves.

The attractive grey-green foliage with yellow margins of ‘Perosa’ provide year-round interest. Throughout the winter, this plant develops In spring, this Skimmia cultivar produces dense clusters of small, star-shaped, fragrant flowers. The blooms are typically white or cream-colored and add a delightful touch to the garden. This compact and rounded cultivar offers something a little diffrent from the more commonplace ‘Rubella’ form.

This evergreen shrub is well-suited to partial to full shade and prefers well-drained, acidic soils. ‘Perosa’ is a relatively low-maintenance plant, and its compact size makes it suitable for borders, containers, or as part of foundation plantings. With its year-round appeal and adaptability, Skimmia japonica ‘Perosa’ is a versatile and lovely addition to a variety of garden settings.

This winter feature enhances the overall appeal of ‘Perosa,’ making it a well-rounded and attractive shrub that contributes to the garden’s beauty year-round. Gardeners appreciate the enduring charm of ‘Perosa,’ whether under the frosty touch of winter or during the vibrant bursts of spring.