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As the colder weather sets in you may not feel like working outside at this time of year but it’s a great time to arrange landscaping projects and plant hedging, trees and shrubs to add structure to the garden. The garden will need protecting from frosts, gale-force winds and heavy rain so check stakes, ties, fleeces and other supports for damage and consider moving plants in pots to sunnier positions to maximize light.

Don’t forget to keep feeding the birds, food is scarce for them over winter.

Top 10 jobs this month:

  • Plant hedging, trees and shrubs and benefit from the more cost effective rootball and bare-root plants available up until March.
  • Move established deciduous trees and shrubs, provided the ground is not frozen or soggy.
  • Prune apple and pear trees.
  • Drain down irrigation systems and lag outdoor taps if you haven’t already.
  • Clean decking and patios.
  • Stock up on Rock Salt (available here at the Big Plant Nursery).
  • Wrap tender plants or move to the greenhouse. Protect growing crowns of Tree Fern and gently knock surplus snow from shrubs when freshly fallen and soft <find out more>
  • Remove the last of the leaves from lawns and repair damaged lawn edges or patches with turf cut from other areas of the garden. Avoid walking on lawns when frosted.
  • Start planning for planting changes in the garden this year <find out more>
  • Consider installing garden lighting and organising hard landscaping projects such as paving and fencing. Start planning now if you’re aiming for a complete Design and Build makeover next year.