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11th August 2021

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You can’t always rely on the rain to water your plants. It’s always good practice to observe the drainage of your planting site/areas as the rain doesn’t always satisfy the need of your plants.

Watering depends on several key factors such as weather conditions, the type of soil you have, the kind of plants you have in your borders and whether there are trees/competitive plants nearby. Container plants will need to be watered more often than the plants in the ground as they dry out faster.

As a general rule always water the soil rather than the foliage of the plant with a slow, steady trickle. This is best done in the early morning or evening when it is cooler, and the sun is not as strong. Never blast water on the base of the plant, as this causes erosion of the soil and wastes all the water that the plant doesn’t get the chance to soak up.

With our interesting but unpredictable weather it is always a good idea to collect rainwater in water butts to use for watering the garden and there are more things we can do to help our plants thrive in dry weather.

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