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What’s not to love about the Mediterranean? Fragrant pine forests, sparkling azure sea, sandy beaches, amazing fresh food and leisurely lunches. Studies have shown that Italians and Greeks tend to live longer than people in the UK – a lot of this is down to climate and a healthy diet but it’s also valuing the importance of spending time together as a family, catching up with friends and neighbours, relaxing over a meal and doing something you love every day.

So why not bring a touch of this culture into your life through your garden and evoke the Mediterranean lifestyle. We can’t promise that you’ll see instant health benefits but it’s a great start. No matter what size or shape garden you have, if you follow these tips there will be nothing stopping you from creating this style of garden.

Which plants to use
To create this look you need plants that capture the spirit of the Med
rather than trying to replicate exactly what you have experience on holiday

  • Trachycarpus fortunei
  • Drought tolerant plants
  • Olive Trees (Olea europaea)
  • Arbutus unedo
  • Hebe pinguifolia
  • Passiflora caerula
  • Pittosporum Tobira
  • Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Cupressus sempervirens (Italian cypress)
  • Cordyline australis
Oleo europaea

Design and Landscaping

  • Outdoor living, seating & cooking areas – this is an essential part of any Mediterranean garden
  • Lighting – people like to sit outside later in the Med, in our climate consider installing a fire pit or working outdoor fireplace
  • Architectural planting such as olive trees and palms for instant Riviera glamour
  • Colourful paving, earthy colours
  • Create areas to provide shade
  • Formal water features
  • Sculpture – pots, urns, classical statues
  • Frame any views you have
  • White or terracotta rendered feature walls
  • Gravel planting