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9th June 2021

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Do you notice the gardens when you go abroad? From how people spend their time outside, how garden life is different to here in the UK and of course, what wonderful and exotic plants are available. We now have a huge selections of plants at the nursery that a few years ago wouldn’t have been available in the UK so here is our guide to gardens from around the world with the hope that it inspires you to recreate some of these looks at home.

English Cottage Garden

Think heady scents, voluptuous flowers and a dash of whimsy; this romantic style was created by urban dwellers who adapted the vegetable, fruit and flower gardens of countryside plots. The “jardin anglais” or English cottage garden has become a firm favourite amongst gardeners all over the world <find out more>

Tropical Paradise

A tropical themed garden can offer you a little slice of paradise. Here is our guide to creating a lush, tropical inspired garden <find out more>

Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) add an instant exotic feel to any garden

Mediterranean Living

Bring a touch of Mediterranean culture into your life through your garden and evoke the laid back lifestyle <find out more>

Japanese Zen Garden

Also known as “Zen Gardens” – this is a timeless garden style that can provide peace and tranquillity from a hectic lifestyle and help to connect you with nature <find out more>


Create a sleek, minimalistic, modern garden  <find out more>