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18th August 2020

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When you do enjoy your garden?

If you have a young family you maybe don’t have time to sit down during the day and enjoy your garden. You might be at work all week and use the weekends to get on with important garden jobs such as weeding and mowing the lawn; whatever the scenario you can bet that as soon as you sit down to relax, it gets dark.

Outdoor lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your garden and outside space; most importantly, extending your enjoyment of your garden and taking you from day to night. Very few things create ambience in the way good lighting does, there is also the added bonus of the security that lighting adds.

Here are some ideas if you are considering adding lighting to your garden.

• Border lighting
• Pathway lighting
• To highlight/showcase specific plants and trees
• Festoon lighting across an entertainment area
• In ground flood or spot lighting for specific plants and trees
• Wall mounted and wall wash lighting for buildings, walls and fence
• Security lighting (sensor lighting is a great option but not all security lighting has to be unattractive)

Highlight borders and raised beds as well as lights to guide you round pathways to create flow throughout a space. We love what interior designer Abigail Ahern has achieved in her garden with lighting –

Garden and driveway lighting can add real drama to a building or outdoor area as well as offering more functional benefits. These days lighting is a must in most new modern gardens particularly where folding sliding doors connect the house and garden but it can be fitted retrospectively in most gardens.

The Technical Part

When it comes to switching on your lights, you don’t even need to be home. Switching can be wireless and via the convenience of your phone, set on timers or on motion sensors and fully dimmable. Lights can be 12v which are very safe and have long life, low heat LED bulbs.

With so many different lighting options available it can be daunting. If you would like to discuss your specific needs or talk through an idea please phone the Creative Landscape team on Tel: 0118 934 1500 or email info@creative-landscape.co.uk