Making Christmas green again

5th December 2022

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Introducing VacuBioNet® – the environmentally friendly way to transport your Christmas Tree

100% bio-degradable Christmas Tree netting is here…

We love the environment almost as much as we love plants and so jumped at the chance of being able to offer a greener option when it comes to Christmas Tree netting. We are immensely proud and excited to be able to supply all our Christmas Trees in the first truly eco-friendly tree netting. Our Christmas Tree netting is compostable in commercial composting plants and completely bio-degradable leaving no microplastics behind. Simply pop your used netting in the council green waste bin when you are done with it.

Now here comes the sciencey bit; VacuBioNet® is made from PLA, (Polylactic acid) polyester yarn, typically sourced from renewable plant resources such as fermented corn starch, sugar cane, sugar beet pulp or cassava. It is a 100% natural polymer requiring 65% less energy and emitting 75% less harmful greenhouse gasses than the production of petroleum-based plastics which it is designed to replace. PLA will naturally break down by hydrolysis, thermal and photo-degradation, returning to the earth.

Our new VacuBioNet® has the same strength and resilience and will work in exactly the same way as other, plastic based netting.

There has been confusion between biodegradable plastics and compostable plastics in the media recently. Below is a great infographic to explain what the difference between these two different types of plastic.