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4th October 2022

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Cercis canadensis is a large deciduous shrub or small, often multi-stemmed, tree. It develops a semi-weeping habit with glorious heart shaped leaves that open in a glossy, deep shade of red. As the leaves mature during the season, they change colour from deep wine to scarlet through to orange and then eventually, yellow.

Each stem carries foliage in all the colours at the same time. Height 3 – 4m.

Grow in fertile, moisture-retentive well-drained soil in full sun. A really good choice for both autumn and spring colour and interest.

Cercis canadensis in spring

Varieties available here at the Big Plant Nursery (October 2022):

1. ‘Eternal Flame’

2. ‘Merlot’

3. ‘Forest Pansy’

4. ‘Carolina Sweetheart’

5. ‘Golden Falls’

6. ‘Hearts of Gold’

7. ‘Ruby Falls’

8. ‘The Rising Sun’

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