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16th April 2018

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If finding enough time for gardening is proving difficult, a gravel garden may be the way forward for you. A good way to create a low-maintenance garden is by introducing drought-tolerant plants and, by their very nature, Mediterranean style plants are ideal. These plants look great set in gravel which helps keep the moisture in and the weeds down, saving more time.

Start by placing a few larger specimen plants as focal points to create an evergreen ‘backbone’ to your scheme. Olive trees are ideal for adding a touch of Mediterranean essence and require a sunny, sheltered spot in either well-drained soil or in a container. Once established they are extremely drought tolerant but to encourage growth during the growing season additional watering is necessary. Euphorbias and Italian Cypress are also good candidates for adding architectural form.

Once your specimen feature plants are in place add the lower level planting. Plant drifts of lavender for waves of upright mauve flower heads, releasing their heady scent in the gentle summer breeze. Scented herbs such as thyme and sage, planted in 3’s or 5’s throughout the gravel interspersed with Rosemary will add to the Mediterranean style garden too and need very little maintenance. Being evergreen, these herbs will give foliage colour throughout the year and regular clipping for use in cooking will keep them looking fresh <find out more>

Rosemary will add to the Mediterranean style garden too and need very little maintenance

It is important to remember that even plants billed as ‘drought tolerant’ will require regular watering after planting until they are fully established. To bring a hint of the Mediterranean to your garden call in at the big plant nursery for more ideas and advice.

For a list of gravel plants or help choosing plants for a gravel garden visit or contact The Big Plant Nursery and ask about our ‘At Home’ Consultancy Service.

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