Plants for a purpose

13th April 2020

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There are approximately 320,000 species of plants in the world and they are the basis of the earth’s ecosystem. They are quiet and undemanding; many of us take them for granted.

Recent dramatic changes around the world have meant we have to stay at home and life as we know it has been paused. Some of us are very fortunate to have a garden and whilst many of us already cherish our plants, this time spent at home will hopefully have reignited a passion for plants and everything they offer us.

What do we use plants for?

• To create shelter, offer privacy or screen out unwanted views, define boundaries and divide the space within
• To attract wildlife and pollinators
• To add colour and interest
• To transform a garden
• To create a themed garden e.g. tropical, Mediterranean, English cottage, urban
• To ensure winter colour and structure
• To create a focal point or height, drama and atmosphere