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24th August 2021

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September doesn’t mean your long lazy days in the garden have to come to an end. There are so many ways to continue to enjoy your garden well into the cooler months. Invest in the right garden design, furniture and heating options and you can extend your garden living by several months.

Entertainment area

Having an area (or areas) that won’t get muddy during the winter months is essential to being able to enjoy your garden all year round. From raised decking to paved patios there are many options out there and something to suit every garden. Here are some decking and pergola ideas <click here>


This is the season when an unexpectedly wide range of autumn-flowering hardy perennials start to come into their own. September brings the delightful late Summer Hydrangea, which start to show a pinky green tinge on the petals. Ornamental grasses such as Miscanthus add height, movement and atmosphere providing the perfect backdrop to flowering perennials for a stunning finale to the late Summer border. Effective planting partners include long flowering perennials Achillea, Penstemon, Echinacea and Verbena bonariensis.


Light and warmth are two of the essential things we need to survive; that’s why they are key to our feelings of enjoyment and comfort. There are a range of heating options available from gas patio heaters to fire pits and chiminea. We stock a range of fire pits at the Big Plant Nursery – ask a member of our team about our range next time you visit.

Outdoor lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your garden and outside space; most importantly, extending your enjoyment of your garden all year round and taking you from day to night. Very few things create ambience in the way good lighting does, there is also the added bonus of the security that lighting add.

You could also unleash your inner Viking with some reindeer throws, sheep skins and cosy woollen blankets. Add a personal touch to your garden by making your own accessories such as pillowcases and throws to make it extra cosy.

If you want to take things one step further, you could modify your shed! With some wood panelling, built in seating to save space, quirky furnishings and of course, the right lighting, you can create a cosy garden hideaway.

Don’t forget to make your shed water tight by:

• Raising it off the ground
• Adding a felt or corrugated iron roof
• Ensuring your timber is treated

In addition to the plants, we also offer delivery and planting services, at home consultancy and full design and landscaping services <click here>

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