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24th June 2021

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We all have our own ideas associated with every season but spring and summer often seem to bring out the romantic in us! Long lazy days, warm sunshine, profuse plants, heavy scents and bird song – it’s no wonder then that we want to return and submerse ourselves in those memories every year.

Although garden fashions may change, the essential principles of design and the ingredients used in them do not – they are just used in different ways.

Winning plant combinations

In combination, yew, box, lavender, roses, climbers and a wide variety of cottage garden plants such as Paeonia may well need a little more maintenance but will reflect an English summer beautifully.

Box balls make an excellent foil for softer perennials and are ideal for adding structure and instant impact to the garden, as do box and yew cones. Planting an arrangement of various-sized box balls works particularly well in less formal situations.

Weave lemon and purple aquilegia amongst the box balls and add paeonia and climbing wisteria for a fresh spring combination. Long flowering roses underplanted with lavender will take over the display in summer.

A beautiful summer garden with lavender and roses

RHS Chelsea Flower show is probably the best way to see an example of this and how plants from our shores have won the hearts of designers from around the world.

It’s hardly surprising then to see the recent resurgence of interest in many of our more traditional hardy English garden plants and a modern take on traditionally formal gardens like Sissinghurst and Hidcote Manor. This may be a response to lifestyle, to weather or to both but the combination of hedges and topiary to create all-year structure, define space and frame views, with contrasting and seasonally specific herbaceous plants has been creating memories since gardens began.

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Cover walls and pergolas with clematis and the beautifully scented white flowers of the evergreen star jasmine climber (Trachelospermum jasminoides) to complete the combination.

The great thing is that unlike some exotic plants these traditional plants love it here and you’ll find something suitable at our nursery for every garden large or small.

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