The benefits of gardening

20th March 2021

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Whether you are a passionate or reluctant gardener, there are lots of reasons why getting out in the garden is good for you.

Health Benefits

We are all thinking about our health now more than ever. Gardening is a simple and reletively inexpensive way to improve your mental and physical wellbeing . It offers safe outdoor exercise as well as the chance to take some time out for yourself and unwind. If you have time on your hands and need a project your garden is a great place to start.

Did you know gardening…

  • Helps to relieve stress
  • Is a physical work out
  • Offers a green diet
  • Boosts your immune system (direct exposure to light dirt)
  • Uplifts your mood (soil contains natural antidepressants in the form of friendly bacteria)

Engage with loved ones

Over the coming weeks we will be spending a lot more time with our immediate family. The garden is the perfect place to come together, enjoy a shared hobby or just have a chat. So turn the television off and unglue your phone from your hand and use this time as a chance to reconnect with loved ones.


Remember when you used to climb trees, camp out in makeshift dens and pretend to be Robin Hood (just me?) why not bring some of this magic back into your life through your garden. You could leave one area of your garden to go “wild” by planting wildflowers to attract pollinators, creating a rockery with hardy alpines that will encourage nature (and fairies of course!).

Environmental Benefits

There has been a decline in the number of insects due to the destruction of their natural habitats as well as an over use of pesticides. Planting flowers to attract pollinators, trees & shrubs to create shelter and leaving an area of your garden “wild” will make a difference. Children especially will love this, keep a log of insects and birds that set up home in your garden. You might not think that you alone will have an impact but it’s a good place to start.

  • Reduce waste – turn food scraps into compost
  • Plants and trees produce oxygen – so plant more
  • Plants attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies whose populations are currently in a worrying decline

Financial Benefits

  • Increase your property value – creating a beautiful garden is never going to be a waste of money. A beautiful garden is a long-term investment and a huge selling point when it comes to marketing your house. So, when you are ready for your next project don’t dismay, someone is going to love that garden just as much as you did.
  • Sustainability  – Grow your own edibles.