The Henley Arts Trail 2024

3rd April 2024

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Twelve talented artists will be showcasing unique outdoor sculpture in a variety of sizes and materials. You will find inspiring metal and stone sculptures along with water features all designed to add impact, movement and style to your garden.

Saturday 4th – Monday 6th May 2024

We are delighted to host Sarah Pye, our resident artist.

‘Orchard of Confetti’ by Sarah Pye at The Big Plant Nursery

Each piece will be displayed at its best amongst our exceptional quality plants. So come and weave your way through our lush plant nursery, admire the stunning sculpture and maybe leave with some new additions for your garden.

‘Starburst’ by Tierney Bishop at The Big Plant Nursery

Find us at VENUE 25

‘Venus’ By Diana Pattenden
‘Hope is a thing with feathers’ by Melissa Ransom

Confirmed Artists:

  1. Sarah Pye (Artist in Residence)
  2. Cathy Green
  3. Tierney Bishop
  4. Diana Pattenden
  5. Daren Greenhow
  6. Lucy Smith
  7. Beth Kirby
  8. Elizabeth Leyland
  9. Christine Baxter
  10. Melissa Ransom
  11. Fiona Everett
  12. Paul Harvey Sculpture
‘Dove’ by Paul Harvey

Here is a selection of work from the artists joining us this year.