What is field grown hedging?

21st October 2019

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Literally hedging that has been grown in a field and then lifted from the ground to be re-planted. It is only available between November and March and is far more cost effective than container grown hedging. There are two types of field grown hedging:


Usually evergreen or large plants. The roots are covered in soil and wrapped in hessian. It’s cost effective, especially when big quantities are required and only available to order and plant between October and March (weather dependent).

Laurel root-ball


Young hedging plants are dug up and the roots are left bare without soil or wrapping. This method is used for smaller or deciduous specimens.

We also sell container grown hedging which can be supplied in a variety of sizes for screening or creating a boundary. Available all year round, however, it can be more expensive than field grown hedging as it requires more attention from the grower.

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Freshly planted young hedging