What does your garden mean to you?

28th March 2019

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What is your garden?

Big, small? Borders, turf, flowers? No, not that; I mean what is your garden? Look beyond what is immediately visible to what your garden means to you.

Is it a space for rest and relaxation? A place for social interaction? Or an area to enjoy some low impact physical exercise? Sounds a bit like being on a nice holiday, right?

Believe it or not, all of this and more can be found in your garden. With hectic work schedules and busy social lives, we are increasingly relying on television, mobile phones and other devices to help us tune out. Sadly, these technical distractions don’t come with all the benefits that a garden can provide. For example, an area for a potential work-out and to reap what you have sown (literally) as well as a space to reconnect with friends and loved ones.

My particular interest is sport, training regularly and watching what I eat, so for me, it’s the physical aspect of gardening that really appeals. However, even moderate physical exercise, has many benefits. Just 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week has a positive effect on us, not just physically but mentally too. You don’t need to rush off and join a gym, this sense of achievement can also be gained from gardening. It can offer a year-round interest and hobby that really heightens the senses and assists in raising your cortisol levels which in turn puts you in a positive frame of mind. Studies show that people who exercise live longer. People who exercise a few times a week in later life are 2.5 times less likely to suffer serious long-term health problems

So, a garden can be so much more than just the visible grass, borders and shrubs.

Stuck for ideas?

At Creative Landscape Co we have 30 years of expertise to help create the ideal space for you and your lifestyle.

We offer advice services through to full design and landscape, planting and garden maintenance. If you have a plan for your garden or you’re not sure how to get the best out of it, we can help

If a ‘garden’ to you means somewhere to relax in, then our maintenance service gives you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy your garden whilst we do all the hard work allowing you to take advantage of all the simple pleasures a garden can offer.

If you want to be active in your garden and feel like it could work harder for you then we can discuss your needs and wants to create the perfect garden to suit your lifestyle.

Whatever the aim, let’s make your garden your favourite room and utilise all the benefits that can come with it.

By Ryan, Contracts Manager, Maintenance Department