Horticulture is hip

Horticulture is hip

Gardening is very much “on trend” at the moment and whilst this might seem a tad superficial, maybe evening annoying for the gardening stalwarts among us, it’s actually good news for everyone.

Plants contribute to the environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife...so, the more the merrier!

Millennials and perennials

Gardening trends in the UK are evolving. Social media apps, such as Instagram, are a brilliant platform for people to proudly share their plants and gardens, providing inspiration as well as admiration. With the help of social media Millennials are tuning in to the benefits of gardening.

These figures from Instagram show just how popular horticulture is at the moment online:  

A new breed of gardener is emerging

Fashion icons and influencers are expressing their love of all things botanical and the health benefits of gardening. There are also the physical benefits of being outside and active ang growing your own produce.

We have a responsibility to make gardening accessible to everyone. Our team of expert staff are always on hand to guide novice gardeners towards the right plants for them and equip them with the knowledge of how to care for them correctly.

Bring in the professionals

Whilst gardening is becoming more and more popular, a recent survey by Airtasker.com has shown that it is also one of the largest tasks that people are willing to outsource. Whilst sourcing new plants, redesigning your garden and planting out new additions may be cool, it discovered that certain aspects of gardening like mowing the lawn or weeding are not how people want to spend their precious free time. There are also aspects of garden design and landscaping when it's far better to bring in the professionals.