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‘At Home’ Advice and Consultancy visits

This service is ideal for you if you are looking for help or advice on any of the following:  

  • Creating new screening/privacy in the garden.
  • Re-planting an existing border/s in the garden.
  • Which trees to plant in your existing garden.
  • Hedge planting in your existing garden.
  • Rejuvenating a planting border in the existing garden.
  • Creating new borders in the existing garden.
  • You have had extension work to the property and wish to re-instate a planting border.
  • You simply want to discuss general planting improvements in the existing garden.
  • You need to comply with planning conditions with new tree planting.
  • You are looking for an alternative gift idea.

During the Consultancy Visit:

  • Listen to what you are trying to achieve
  • Discuss various options on how you can achieve this.
  • Measure up areas if required.
  • Take photographs of areas if required.

After the Consultancy Visit:

We will write back to you after the visit with our planting recommendations for the areas we discussed. The plant prices are discounted by 10% for you. We will also include costs for composts and planting sundries and our services to prepare, set out and install the plant collection for you. If you prefer a more DIY approach you are welcome to order the plants from the nursery at the discounted rate offered. We offer a setting out service for you and/or a Garden/Planting design service, so you can locate plants in the right places if this is your preferred approach. Additional fees apply for these services.

What are the costs?

The Planting and Horticultural Consultancy fee is £75 if you live within a 15 mile radius of our office, additional fees apply outside this area. All costs include VAT.

How to book?