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Fagus sylvatica

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Fagus sylvatica is one of our most majestic native trees. The Common Beech (also known as the European beech) can become very large and it has a low branched habit.
Beech trees will thrive in most conditions but do not like exposed or coastal sites. We do not recommend under-planting as Fagus sylvatica is a shallow rooted tree.
Broad elliptic yellow to green leaves in spring turn a rich russet brown in autumn. The small green spring flowers are wind pollinated and produce a 3 sided beech “mast” nut within a spiky outer casing.
A good tree for most reasonably fertile, well drained soils, except heavy clay or light sand, Fagus sylvatica tends to favour more temperate climates but extra care is needed for plant establishment when planting in extreme heat and drought. Best to avoid planting in paved or tarmac areas where the tree can suffer from reflected heat and light.
A versatile tree for woodland, parkland and in broad verge plantings, with rich, copper autumn foliage.
Medium sized specimens are supplied with the lower branches still on the trunk and can therefore be used for instant hedging purposes. Holding its leaves through winter until the new spring growth emerges makes this an ideal plant for screening.
Mature height: 17-22m