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Malus ‘Red Sentinel’


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The white, single flowers of Malus ‘Red Sentinel’ emerge in April, towards the end of the spring floral displays of the Amelanchier, Magnolia and Prunus. Beginning a coppery red before turning to green leaves appear shortly after the flower. With the bright red crab apples appearing as the summer draws to an end often weighing branches down. It is advisable to remove some of these when this happens, to prevent broken branches and damage to the overall shape of the tree.
If not eaten by birds these attractive red crab apples can remain on the tree well into winter. Malus Red Sentinel is another favourite for winter interest.
Brought into cultivation in 1959, Malus Red Sentinel has a compact, round crown as it matures.
It will tolerate a range of soil conditions including clay.
A good option for colour and flower, this tree is very wildlife friendly.
Mature height: 5-8m