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1st November 2023

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Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Why not give the gift of green! Giving someone a plant symbolises good luck and hope for the future. The Romans gifted each other holly wreaths during the Winter Solstice, as a way to honour Saturn, the god of agriculture. Ivy (Hedera) is also thought to represent everlasting life, and the promise of the return of spring.

The festive season is a busy time of year so why not take advantage of our delivery service.

Christmas classics:

  • Holly for fertility and eternity
  • Ivy for faithfulness
  • Bay for courage and strength
  • Pear trees because we like the song

Malus domestica ‘Christmas Pippin’ would make a lovely present for a loved one <shop here>

Or you can stick with tradition and gift a pear tree. Try Pyrus communis ‘Conference’ <shop here>

Pyrus communis

Our staff are here to help you pick out something special but if you really can’t decide, we also sell National Garden gift vouchers.

We stock plenty of smaller evergreen shrubs suitable for pots around the house and patio and we have listed just a few of our favourites to get you started here.

Here are some of our most popular shrubs/ small trees that we recommend at the nursery:

  • Acer palmatum ‘Bi Ho’ (for vibrant yellow stem colour)
  • Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’ (for festive orange stems)
  • Bay trees (Laurus noblis)
  • Calluna vulgaris ‘Beauty Ladies’ Mix
  • Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’
  • Daphne odora ‘Aureomarginata’
  • Erica x darleyensis Mixed
  • Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Carpet’
  • Mangaves (keep indoors or in a greenhouse)
  • Nandina domestica ‘Fire Power’
  • Nandina domestica ‘Twilight’
  • Pinus mugo
  • Pinus x schwerinii ‘Wiethorst’
  • Sarcococca hoo. digyna ‘Purple Gem’ and ‘Winter Gem’
  • Sarcoccca confusa ‘Dragons Gate’
  • Skimmia japonica ‘Rubella’ (these are shade lovers)
  • Skimmia japonica ‘Pabella’
  • Rhododendron Bloombux

There are many more so it’s best to visit us and we’ll help you select some instant colour and festive cheer.

If festive florals are more their things, here are our top picks for winter flowering plants:

  • Camellia japonica
  • Camellia sasanqua
  • Edgeworthia chrysantha ‘Grandiflora’
  • Helleborus x hybridus ‘Early Princess’
  • Helleborus HGC ‘Ice n Roses’ Early Rose
  • Helleborus x hybridus Double Mix
  • Viburnum tinus ‘Lisarose’

Make a garden lovers Christmas wishes come true

Do you have a loved one who has always wanted to redesign their garden? Our consultancy service could be the perfect gift for them. It is ideal if your garden is a blank canvas, you have recently moved into a new property, or just fancy a change <click here for more info>

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