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Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Robin Hill’

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Also known as the Juneberry, Serviceberry or Snowy Mespilus, a designer’s favourite, Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill is widely considered to be the best form of Amelanchier.
Known for its year-round interest, white flowers emerge in spring covering the Amelanchier from top to bottom, foliage follows the blossom emerging a copper colour which turns to bright green by late spring followed by rich red autumn colour.
Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill is a tough small tree, performing best in moist, well drained, lime free soil. It is capable of thriving in most soil types, however in less than perfect conditions soil preparation is recommended for the tree to thrive.
This small tree is suitable for a large number of planting schemes. Being a small tree of ultimate size, it can be planted much closer to buildings than most trees, making it particularly useful in gardens where space is a premium.
NOTE: Rabbit / deer guards are recommended where animals are present.
This tree is bee/pollinator friendly.
Mature height: 5-7m