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Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’

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A stunning dark purple leaved variety of the native Common Beech, Fagus sylvatica. Sometimes wrongly referred to as ‘Copper Beech’, this purple leaved tree is a beautiful rich coloured cultivar rather than the seedling which is variable in leaf colour.
This tree has dark purple foliage which appears in the spring time and gradually turns to a dark green-bronze as the summer progresses. In autumn the deep bronze foliage turns to a golden brown and becomes difficult to distinguish with the Common, Fagus sylvatica.
Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’ is a tough tree and will thrive just about anywhere, but does not like exposed or coastal conditions. Preferring reasonably fertile and well drained soils it does not perform well on heavy clay or light sand. We do not recommend under-planting as it is a shallow rooted tree.
This large and majestic tree is a superb specimen and ideally planted as a statement in parks and large estates. Great for creating contrast in the landscape, with its dark colours but due to its mature size it’s best to plant on the perimeter of a planting plan as it can overshadow other plants.
Mature height: 17-22