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Prunus x yedoensis

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Prunus x yedoensis came from Japan around 1902 and won the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2002. Reportedly a cross between Prunus speciosa and Prunus x subhirtella it is now thought to be present as a natural hybrid in Japan.
The single blush white flowers emerge before the foliage in the spring and hang in clusters with a delightful subtle fragrant almond scent.
Leaves emerge a coppery colour towards the end of the spring blossom. Serrated on the edges and deep green they turn to red-orange in autumn. This pretty tree also displays a small fruit in autumn, dark red-black in colour which contains a stone and can last well into winter.
Prunus x yedoensis has widely arching branches that create a weeping effect, although it is probably best described as broad and flat crowned. It is a great choice for gardens and parkland and best sited with plenty of space allowed for it to fully spread as it grows to maturity.
Like all cherries this tree prefers to be planted in a well drained soil and does not enjoy having wet feet.
This tree is good for bees and other pollinators.
Mature Height: 5-8m