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Trees are a wonderful source of inspiration that highlight the changing seasons, encourage wildlife to flourish as well as helping to purify our air.  They are also fantastic plants when you want to create a more established feel or when you need privacy and screening <download our free guide to tree planting>

Here are our top picks for spring flowering trees:

Crabapples – pink in bud opening to white makes the flowers of ‘Evereste’ quite eye catching. Crab apples have the added bonus of Autumn fruit which is great for wildlife. Our top picks are Malus ‘Evereste’, Malus toringo ‘Scarlett’ and ‘Rudolph’.

Amelanchier (Juneberry) – a great all-rounder with pure white blossom in the spring, berries in June and stunning Autumn colour. This tree really has something for every season.

Flowering Cherries – the quintessential spring blossom tree with an abundance of flower to herald springs arrival. We like Prunus ‘Taihaku’, Prunus x yedoensis and Prunus ‘Kanzan’ <shop now>

Magnolia – much more exciting than the well-known paint of the same name, Magnolia trees have goblet shaped flowers and are admired by some as the icons of spring. Go for Magnolia kobus, ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Susan’.

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