Fruit Trees

Grape Vine
Lemon Tree

If ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, imagine how good an orchard of fruits could be for you! 

There’s nothing quite like picking ripe and ready fruit from a tree you’ve grown for many years. In undoubtedly its best, most freshest form, untouched by the food packaging process, some people are now beginning to realise what their grandparents knew all along, homegrown is best. Watching the fruit grow, and the excitement when it comes to harvest time... will I eat it fresh? will I make jam, or maybe a crumble? Options with edible fruit are limitless and so rewarding. 

Fruit trees provide excellent spring nectar for emerging pollinators. After a long hard winter, the bees awake hungry and in need of food. The early blossom of fruit trees is an important source of early nectar.

Here at the Big Plant Nursery we have a selection of classic favourite fruit trees ideal for orchards, terraces and small gardens, such as Cox’s Pippin Apples, Conference Pears, and Victoria Plums, plus more unusual varieties and cross varieties such as Miracot Aprimira, a cross between a Mirabelle and an Apricot.

There is a wide choice from either standard or more mature trees including apples, pears, cherries, plums or peaches, fig, quince, apricot or mulberry. 

Cherry Tree Apple Tree
Blueberry Plum Tree

We also stock a wide range of espalier and fan-trained fruit trees which are particularly popular for smaller gardens and make great gifts. Our stock constantly changes as we sell and bring fresh stock in so do contact us to check availability.

If you don’t have space for an orchard but still want to grow fruit trees, some apples and cherries lend themselves to being grown in pots (making sure the pot is big enough for long term growth). If you only have space for one, make sure it’s self-fertile to ensure a good crop.

For ideas and advice visit us at The Big Plant Nursery, have a browse through our selection of fruit trees and let us help you choose the perfect fruit tree for you and your garden, or ask about our popular  ‘At Home’ Consultancy Service if you are not sure where to start.